Bokkeeping services for the IT sector

The IT sector, as the most expansive industry in the world, is gaining a well-deserved dimension and its place in the range of diverse activities. Bookkeeping services for the IT sector take into account the specifics of this type of business, eliminating the ambiguities and uncertainties for their owners. How to present this business segment considering both the legal obligations and to include tax optimization and achieve minimal payments? We continuously monitor the constant modifications in the law related to this business segment and offer you answers to many questions. Owing to that, we can provide you with the following bookkeeping and accounting services for the IT sector.

Table of content

✓ Establishment of a company in Serbian Business Registers Agency (​SBRA)

✓   Reporting the commencement of the business activities to the tax administration and other competent authorities

✓ Drafting of general legal acts

✓ Keeping records of your accounts receivable and liabilities, including due dates

✓ Making proposals for payment and payment by authorization

✓ Communication with commercial banks/leasing companies and guidance through the entire process from approval to realization and repayment of loan/leasing

✓ Special package related to the calculation of salaries, which includes, in addition to the calculation of salaries, the sending of payslips to employees by e-mail, as well as encrypted files

✓ Posting business documentation following the Companies Act and the Law on Accounting and Auditing

✓ Keeping analytical records: customers, suppliers, fixed assets, goods

✓ Posting of RSD current account statements and FCA statements

✓ Calculation of value-added tax (VAT), filling in the application, and submitting it through the tax administration application

✓ Calculation of the corporate income tax

✓ Posting of business events (income and expenses) in accordance with the organizational structure of the company, or profit centers

✓ Communication with tax authorities

✓ Preparation of financial statements, annually, and in shorter periods if necessary: Balance sheet, Income statement, Statistical report, Cash flow statement

✓ Screening of your tax health

✓ Tax aspect of specificity of the IT sector services and calculation of the tax expenditures

✓ Optimization of the tax liabilities

✓ Analysis of transfer prices between affiliated legal entities

✓ Planning and implementation of optimal tax policy

✓ Tax aspect in cases of statutory changes (acquisition, merger, division, separation)

✓ Tax incentives for companies investing in research and innovation in the Republic of Serbia

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