The advanced package of the bookkeeping services – price list

The Advanced Package of bookkeeping services is intended for companies with the highest information requirements by management. It includes up to 8 consulting hours per month. Could it get any better than this one?

The advanced package price



€ / per month

Table of Content

The Advanced Package

The Advanced Package of bookkeeping services includes all services from the extended package plus additional services listed below.

Financial controlling

✓ Customized income statements per IFRS categories of expenses, employees, months, and dates
✓ Balance sheet per IFRS groups, customers, suppliers, fixed assets, and loans
✓ Free two-hour presentation of the report with our comments and suggestions

You will get:

✓ Eliminating unnecessary operating costs
✓ A quick insight into all data (income, expenses, liabilities, collection, taxes)
✓ Simple making of daily business decisions

Payments and money management (Treasury)

✓ Cash Flow at your fingertips. Each Dinar you have paid, each day, by all segments
✓ We will prepare everything. You will approve payments with just one click
✓ The entire communication with the bank, including the loan approval process

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