The Basic Package of bookkeeping services price list

The Basic Package of bookkeeping services is designed for companies that require basic bookkeeping services under the most favorable conditions. The package was created for small businesses and is primarily aimed at reducing tax expenditures.

package price



€ / per month

Table of Content

The Basic Package of bookkeeping services includes:

✓ Accounting
✓ Payroll

Posting Business Documentation in accordance with:

✓ Law on Accounting, IFRS, The rulebook for microbusiness and other legal entities
✓ The Law on Individual Income Tax and the Law on Corporate Income Tax
✓ Keeping analytical records: fixed asset register, annual depreciation, customers, suppliers
✓ Records of loans and leases – taking out, repayment of principal in installments, interest expenses.
✓ Posting of RSD current account statements and FCA statements (payment operations)
✓ Payroll
✓ Calculation of value-added tax, preparation, and submission of POPDV form (Overview of VAT calculation)
✓ Calculation of corporate income tax
✓ Calculation of tax on lease of movable and immovable property
✓ Keeping tax records
✓ Communication with competent tax authorities
✓ Final financial statements: Balance sheet, Income statement, Statistical annex, Tax balance, etc.

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